Save 25% in conveyor idler cost by spacing your idlers on 5' centers instead of 4' centers.

C.E.M.A., Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association, does not specify idler spacing. C.E.M.A does recommend a suggested normal spacing when it is unclear what spacing is required.

According to C.E.M.A., idler spacing should be calculated to observe the following limitations:

(1) A maximum of 3% sag should be maintained when the belt is operating with a normal load.

(2) A Maximum of 4.5% sag should be maintained when the loaded belt is standing still.

(3) The idler spacing should not exceed twice the normal spacing of the troughing idlers suggested by CEMA. (See chart, below)

(4) The load on any idler should never exceed the idler load ratings.

According to CEMA, extending idler spacing to 5’ centers will not only reduce the cost of idlers, it will improve belt training.

Our Mine Duty Idler product will enable you to design more conveyors with 5’ centers than standard CEMA rated idlers. Additionally, our product will enable you to design more 42” belt width and wider conveyors on 4’ centers.

The next time you are designing a conveyor system, consider 5’ spacing and save more than 25% in idler costs. (The cost of the idlers includes the quantity of idlers required, the number of holes to be drilled, the number of bolts,nuts, and washers, and, the time to assemble onto the conveyor).

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