In 2008, our company set out to redesign the conveyor idler.  We were driven by the changes to the Standard published by CEMA in 1996, which we perceived had reduced the life of the idler when comparing to the tapered roller bearing idlers of the past.

After numerous discussions with many global idler manufacturers, we located a roll manufacturer in a small town outside of St. Petersburg, Russia.  The competitive advantage of this manufacturer is that they have the required technology to design a line of idler rolls with the ball bearing sizes required to compete against the tapered roller bearing.  This was a long process, but the outcome was worth the years of investment into the mathematical calculations, the field testing and the proof of concept. These rolls are assembled into heavy CEMA designed frames here in the US. They are dimensionally interchangeable with all CEMA class idlers.

Initially, we developed the MD30, 5” diameter roll. Our Mine Duty 30mm/1.18” sealed ball bearing idler was manufactured to compete with the CEMA C 5” diameter idler. Our ball bearings have over 2X the dynamic load rating of standard CEMA C 20mm/.788” ball bearings. Our 30mm axle design eliminates shaft deflection throughout all belt widths. This calculates to 4X greater theoretical bearing life when comparing to a standard CEMA C idler in a similar application. The MD30 product line is available in 24” – 48” belt widths

Due to demand for 6” diameter idlers we then developed our Mine Duty 35mm/1.388” sealed ball bearing idler to replace the standard duty CEMA D idler which is designed with a 25mm/.984” sealed ball bearing. Our MD35 idler has 3.3 times greater theoretical bearing life than the standard CEMA D. The MD35 product line is presently available in 36” - 60” belt widths.

Next we concentrated on the development of the strongest impact idler on the market. There is a reason why impact beds have been introduced to the market; a standard CEMA impact is not heavy enough to withstand impact, until now. Our MD35 impact idlers are available in frames dimensionally equivalent to idlers with 5” and 6” roll diameters.

Finally, we added a 4” and 5” CEMA B idler frame with standard CEMA C rolls, designed for existing applications where the light duty CEMA B idler is not performing, a line of 5” and 6” training idlers both trough and return, and due to a demand for a low cost idler, we developed a standard CEMA C idler.

Our Mine Duty idler design is proprietary to our company and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We will continue to lead the industry in product designs with the greatest amount of value along with the lowest cost.