Each time an idler is disabled on the conveyor belt, the company loses money and time through decreased productivity and increased equipment costs. A better class of idlers improves the bottom line every month of the year by providing you with durable, reliable rollers that won't break down or require constant maintenance.

Increase Load-Bearing Capacity

The weight of materials on the conveyor belt likely changes depending on the business's daily volume. When rollers are structurally capable of bearing a heavier load, you do not have to worry that peak volumes might cripple the work flow and bring production to a halt.

Unfortunately, the industry standard for idlers does not always take into account the fluctuating loads inherent to materials-handling. Not only do better rollers increase lead times and improve the soundness of the conveyor belt, but they also protect belts in load zones.

Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Equipment

When rollers, belts, and other line components require replacement, the time required to make the changes is not the only detriment to productivity. This process interrupts the work flow and causes back-ups in other parts of the line.

Better conveyor idlers and impact idlers last longer, which increases the company's return-on-investment in terms of equipment costs. Paying slightly higher prices for idlers that do not require replacement actually lowers their net costs because of greater life expectancy.

Increase Productivity by Reducing Maintenance

Idlers that do not have to be re-greased, resealed, and otherwise maintained on a regular basis facilitate a fast-paced work environment and result in fewer non-productive hours. The faster materials move through the conveyor system, the more income an enterprise can generate.

Additionally, higher-quality seals on rollers will prevent contamination of the system's moving parts as well as materials. Maintaining the purity of the system is essential to project safety and efficiency, especially when working with hazardous chemicals or materials.

Increase Trust in Your System

When choosing idlers and other mine products for a conveyor system, ask about warranties that protect that initial investment. Manufacturers that offer one and two-year warranties are confident in their products and, therefore, more trustworthy. Systems that aren't warrantied present an additional cost liability for the operation.

Maintenance costs consume profits that could be applied elsewhere. A better class of idlers and other conveyor products results in greater revenue in the long run, especially when material volumes are not always consistent.